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Stocktracker250 (More on Stocktracker250 . . . )

Stock-tracker makes portfolio management simple.

The Stock-tracker is an online software that tracks the performance of more than 250 stocks on a continuous basis, looking for the point at which potential reward is greater than potential risk. In addition it does the following: -

  • Alerts when the probable upper and lower bands of a stock's short term trading range have been violated.

  • Suggests a method of investing in those stocks that minimizes risk and provides downside protection. 

  • Maximizes capital management as it relates to position sizing, entry and exit points.

  • Indicates market capitalization, and whether or not a stock pays dividends.

  • Allows you to move stocks into a personal portfolio tracker.

  • Displays the current P/L in relation to each stock you trade, in unique ways.

  • Suggests when to get further involved with a stock based on time. price and volatility.

  • Prompts you to use several different strategies to create profits and minimize risk.

  • Introduces strategies of investing that are unique. 

  • Keeps a summary and a log of all your trades in a way that no brokerage account does, thereby making life a lot simpler.

  • Online tutorials explain how simple it is to use all the features of the Stock-tracker and the trading strategies that lower risk and increase profits. 

  • Helps you determine your level of risk tolerance and act in harmony with that.

  • The weekly commentary focuses on the economy and market trends. You can view these clicking here and then clicking on "comments" or selecting a date from the pull down window at the top of the page.

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The stock-tracker has been designed to avoid many of the mistakes that online trading almost forces, through concentration of risk.

Stocktracker250.com uses strategies designed to take advantage of price extremes. In addition it assumes that mistakes will be made and bases its strategy on the potential for that happening. This is not so much about picking winners and losers as it is about identifying price extremes and practicing good money management. It calls for patience and discipline as well as diversification on both sides of the market.

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More about Stocktracker250 . . . 

Hello! My name is Colin.

Brokerage houses are most interested in how many trades you make because that is how they make money. Now you can hardly blame them for that.

My stock tracking software is the result of nineteen years of practical experience and four years of dedicated effort. 

Trading is more than just buying and selling stocks. It's also about managing multiple entries in the same stock based on volatility factors, as well as initial & subsequent entry sizing.

About Colin

Colin completed his first real estate development at age twenty-eight, another five by age 34. His first won the Governor General's Award of Merit for Architecture.

As a Manufacturer he formulated, the popular O'Rileys Rum Cream. He also served on the Board of Directors of two Utility Companies, chairing the Finance Committee of one.

 Colin lives in Jamaica and his contact information is as follows:

Colin R. Cooke

P.O. Box 1553

Kingston 8,

Jamaica, W.I.

Tel: 876 925 4779

Email: colin@stocktracker250.com

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