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                                                 Helpful Software

Search Engine Optimization - Rated the very best by just about every expert. - Colin

Project Management Software Mindjet's mind mapping software enables business users to organize information into visual maps, revealing relationships among discrete pieces of information. Results: improved project management..... I personally use this software - Colin  http://www.mindjet.com 

Speed Reading Software Absorb material at 3-4 times your normal speed. Great software that I use.  Colin 

Stepware.com - The first speed reading software that I used - highly recommended
Associative Neuron  Systems  Artificial Foreteller A challenging use of associative self-building neural network. It can be applied for solving prediction, classification, forecasting, and optimization  problems in stock trading, oil prospecting, mineral exploration and many other areas.         http://avis-c.gluk.org
Summation Software Makers of financial software that enables you to perform a detailed financial ratio analysis on corporate financial statement data automatically. Store, view, and print the results in full-color charts and easy-to-read tables. Download a free trial version. http://www.summationsoftware.com

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